Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Picnics, One Weekend

One of our favorite things to do is to go on a picnic. We love relaxing, we love being outdoors, and we love eating; this is why picnics are perfect for us. The first picnic we went on last weekend was at Rancho Santa Margarita Lake. There are tons of huge shady trees at the north end of the lake and it's our favorite spot to lounge. We have to keep Braden is his stroller or he runs away as fast as he can, which is a lot faster than you would imagine a one year old being able to run.

Braden was so cute but since he refused to eat anything that we'd brought to eat, I just took lots and lots of pictures of him. Matt thinks it will somehow scar him. I beg to differ. When Braden is an adult I'm sure he'll appreciate the eight quadrillion billion million pictures I took of him when he was little.

He is such a goofball! I love my little buddy.

Our second picnic was at Braden's friend, Mia's, birthday party in Dana Point.

The food was delicious and the company was awesome. Dana Point has free concerts during the summer so we even had live music.

Braden's favorite parts were the dogs and the bubbles.

Mia's mom, Jessi, and Matt have been friends since they were teenagers. Jessi is the sweetest. Her dad is Filipino so Matt had a great time talking to him and his family in Tagalog.

Mia was a crack-up as usual. She is so cute. It was a great 2nd birthday.

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