Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dana Point

Oh the joys of living near the ocean. A few Saturdays ago we decided it would be fun to head down to Dana Point. We had so much fun and Braden had pretty much the best time ever. He was determined to jump into the ocean.

But we managed to keep him out of the waves for the most part.

We tried desperately to get a picture of us as a family, but little kids don't care about stuff like that. Braden was so mad that we stopped his frolicking to get a picture.

Braden has recently decided that everytime he sees a camera he needs to point. We don't know what he's pointing at or why he does it, but it's really cute anyway.

After we left the beach, we walked around the harbor and checked out the boats. Braden loved looking at the big rocks with crabs crawling all over them and was much more interested in the crabs than hearing about Matt's and my field trips aboard the Pilgrim. Go figure. :)

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