Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disneyland with Natalie and Kai Part I

We had the pleasure of going to Disneyland not once but twice with our sister-in-law Natalie and her son, Kai. Natalie is Matt's brother, Peter's, wife and she and Kai were in town from Tokyo. The first time we went to Disneyland with them was the Tuesday before Matt's birthday. Matt had any early work day so he was able to join us. We had a great time and Natalie's family was gracious enough to allow us to tag along with them.

Braden and Kai have always seemed like best buds and this day was no exception. Kai immediately started giving Braden hugs and kisses as soon as he saw him. It was so adorable and Braden could handle it for the most part until it got overbearing and he would push Kai away, which didn't deter Kai at all.

We were able to hit up a ton of rides! Braden was his normal, rambunctious self but Kai looked pretty serious most of the time. He couldn't figure out where on earth we had taken him.

Braden was way into pretending to drive a car in front of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I'm convinced this baby has gasoline running in his veins.

Braden was in such good spirits and thought the Matt was being hysterical!

The boys had fun on the teacups but the crazy spinning started to worry Kai. Braden is used to Matt pushing the limits but it was a whole new experience for Kai.

Kai just could not contain his love for Braden. He is the sweetest little guy. Come this fall he is going to make a great big brother!

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