Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orange County Great Park

After Bibian's shower last Saturday, we went to the Orange County Great Park. They were having another on of their fun free events.

Braden tried to make friends at the petting zoo but the goats weren't too interested. A goat in a petting zoo ate my Diet Coke can when I was a kid, so I'm always afraid that they are going to bite Braden's hand.

There were a few fun things to do, but we were feeling kind of disappointed because normally we have so much fun at these events.

But then we found the most awesome part of all. There were a bunch of Marines and we got to check out their weapons and vehicles.
Check out the size of this Howitzer!

Braden loved all of the levers on the gun. What can I say? He's a boy through and through.

It is astounding how heavy duty everything is. I know everything has to be built extremely tough, but it was still nuts to see and feel how heavy and sturdy everything is.

Braden did a good job pretending that he was driving. He L-O-V-E-S cars of all types.

It was crazy to see how big everything is in real life. It made me feel like a midget!

It was tons of fun, but that is the closest Braden will ever get to being a Marine. I love and appreciate everyone who is in the armed forces but I'm too much of a worry wart to let my own kid do it!

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