Friday, April 17, 2009

We love Disneyland

Braden has now been to Disneyland six times since the end of March. Overkill? Not at all!! The first time we went with Aunt Bibian and Uncle AJ since they got us tickets for Braden's birthday. A couple weeks later we finally got our annual passes! We have been having so much fun going to both Disneyland and California Adventure! Braden loves it and is such a trooper, especially when we drag him on ride after ride without a nap and sometimes past his bedtime. He's such a good baby.

Braden liked his first time on the teacups except when Matt began to spin it too fast! Matt wanted to see how far he could push it before Braden started freaking out . . . Men . . .

This was Braden's first time on a carousel! We found out from AJ that this horse is named Jingles and was actually chosen by Walt Disney's daughter. Amazing!

Braden loved staring at his reflection in this book in front of the Snow White ride.

Sweet Uncle AJ and Aunt Bibian joined us in the afternoon. Braden loved Pooh Bear but was a little scared of Tigger. I think it was the bouncing that did it. Or perhaps the blinding orange.

My mom got an annual pass, too! She, Braden, and I generally go together once a week and Braden and I try to also go with Matt once a week. It's such a burden but someone's got to do it! ;) It's so much fun to spend so much time with family.

Braden actually tried to start walking for the first time at California Adventure! We were waiting in line for the ladybug ride in "A Bug's Land." It's like the teacups. It turned out to be the ladybug ride o' doom! Our ladybug was spinning out of control and we couldn't stop it or slow it down and the backpack, camera bag, and baby were flying. Matt and I were in hysterics we were laughing so hard but my mom began to look a little green.

We went inside the newly redone Sleeping Beauty diorama extravaganza in the castle. It's really cool! Sleeping Beauty is one of Matt's and my absolute favorite Disney movies.

On Thursday we went and dressed Braden as Eeyore. He was so adorable! We really wanted to get a picture of him with Eeyore but by the time we got to Eeyore's hang out, Disney cast members were stealing him for a parade. Bummer!

So we got this picture . . .

And this picture . . .

We really tried!

Anyway, if anybody else has passes or plans for going to Disneyland or California Adventure let us know! We're always looking for an excuse to go.


So we're back . . . after a nearly 14 months hiatus. I blame it all on the baby. ;) Anyway, we had a great Easter this year and hope you did, too! the day before, my mom and I made the annual bunny cake and even did it in record time!

In our house we consider it inhumane to start eating the face first so we start with the bowtie, move to the ears, and then eat the face last. This year I realized that with the bowtie and ears gone we had a perfectly nice looking snowman cake. I'll have to remember that.

I took pictures of Braden with the only stuffed rabbit in his room again this year like I did last year. It's actually "Rabbit" from Winnie-the-Pooh.

This was last year.

This was this year! It's crazy how quickly they grow!

Matt and I had an awesome dinner of leg of lamb, strawberries, and broccoli with cheese. We told my mom, the sweet vegetarian, that the lamb had a bum leg which it needed to get amputated. But don't worry! The lamb was given a prosthetic leg and is happily running around Australia. It's true, I swear! :) It was a very tasty bum leg. Lamb is traditionally eaten during Passover so we felt pretty cool eating something that the Savior likely would have eaten during the Last Supper.

We didn't have an Easter egg hunt because Braden is anti-walking.

But he feels really cool when he stands all by himself.

It was a wonderful day!