Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too Much Fun To Handle

We have been keeping ourselves super busy the past couple of weeks (what else is new?) but we've been having a blast!

Matt got what I would like to call a secret promotion. He didn't get a raise or anything but now his title is "Project Engineer." It's a secret promotion because Matt didn't realize that he was a Project Engineer until he was filling out his timecard one day and saw his new position on it. It's really exciting because at his last job he was only a Staff 1 Engineer even though he had worked there for over a year. He was hired on to ERI as a Senior Staff Engineer and already he's a Project Engineer!

I got my ring back last week. I find myself constantly staring at the prongs, making sure everything looks secure.

They did a really beautiful job repairing it. Thanks again, Mom, for finding my diamond!
It was Matt's brother, A.J.'s, birthday on Cinco de Mayo and so after he and his wife, Bibian, had spent the day at Disneyland they visited us.
Because we had cake.
Who can blame them?
I'd visit most anybody for cake.
It was fun to see them and Braden loved spending time with his aunt and uncle. A.J. and Bibian have moved back to Mission Viejo for the time being so we look forward to spending more time with them and with Bibian's baby belly.

Last Friday, Braden and I went to the park with Sarah and Lucy Sherman. It was the first time Braden had been to the park since he has been walking. Technically, he goes to the park everyday on our morning walk, but this time he wasn't in the stroller and could meander all on his own. He loved it!

He shovel-napped Lucy's shovel for a while, but didn't dig with it. He just liked carrying it around and occasionally put it in his mouth because that's what he does. Everything goes in the mouth. I managed to prevent him from eating a few rocks while we were there.

On Saturday we went to Laguna Beach. We checked out the scene of May 1st's accident (ugh) and walked along Main Beach and up PCH.

There is a small playground on Main Beach and so Braden got to swing for a while which was pretty much his favorite thing ever.

He is such a happy boy!
On Mother's Day we had our friends Rob and Sarah, and their son, Oliver, over for dinner. They just finished law school at BYU and will be here for the summer if not for longer. Both Rob and Sarah worked at law firms in Irvine (or was it Costa Mesa? It's the big glass building off of the 405 just north of Boomers and south of John Wayne Airport) last summer. Hopefully the firm Rob is working at this summer will offer him a fabulous position with gobs of money.

Matt, Braden, and I got to meet Oliver for the first time and he is so stinking cute! He was such a good little baby and made Braden look like a complete wild child by contrast.

The babies were totally into Veggies Tales and Elmo. When the TV is on it's like nothing else in the world exists. Dani, I don't think you ever grew out of that. ;)

This Wednesday, Matt, Braden, and I went to California Adventure and Disneyland. Braden rode on Mickey's Fun Wheel (the ferris wheel) for the second time and like last time we went in one of the swinging gondolas.
Braden still loves us anyway. Bless that child.

We took Braden to "Playhouse Disney Live" in California Adventure for the first time. At first it was obvious that he couldn't figure out what we were doing, and was getting bored quick.

But then the show started and he was in love. He was standing and clapping and dancing and "singing."

He loved seeing all of his favorite characters. I realized that I need to watch more grown up TV because I knew every song. Am I the only one who gets "Handy Manny" stuck in my head all the time???
Matt and I really enjoyed it, too. It was cute and was the highlight of Braden's day.


Heidi said...

You have too much fun at Disneyland. I am a little jealous at how often you go. We want to go to Disneyland in the near future. We have some friends we can call to come with us!

Brad and Danielle said...

Haha. Yep, TV just sucks me in.

That is so fun that Braden is walking now! I know you told me before, but I still forget since we haven't seen it yet. Can't wait to come visit you guys again. I'm getting big. You will be surprised by how big my belly is the next time we see you in like a month!