Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Announcement

We are going to THAILAND in August! Woohoo!!!

We weren't planning on doing any more big trips this year but we've been really REALLY trying to save money even more than usual. I cook all of our meals now; I think we've been out to eat once in about three months (and my meal was for free because it was a birthday e-mail club thing). We've cut out pretty much everything except for house bills, insurance, car maintinence costs (Matt and my dad have even been doing a lot of the work on our cars lately), food, toiletries, and diapers. No DVDs, CDs, books (love the library), snacks, clothes, toys, shoes, purses, trips to the salon for a haircut, text messaging, sodas, etc. BUT now we can comfortably afford Thailand. Not to mention there are killer deals to go there right now. So come join us! :)

We'll be there for most of August so we'll actually be doing something exciting for our anniversary for once. We are so thrilled!

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Natalie said...

YEAH, Mattie, Christine and Braden Bear are coming to Thailand!!! We've actually been snorkeling to that place in your first picture and the water really does look exactly like that!! I hope the fish don't think our babies are fish food!?