Saturday, June 6, 2009

BBQ Fun at the Taylor's

This afternoon we went over to Russ and Debbie Taylor's house for a delicious barbeque. There were tons of fun people and tons of great food . . . so much great food that my pre-Thailand diet went out the window. But it was so worth it. :)

We ate, played Wii, watched some of Russ's racing movies, and watched the kiddos play. Braden had fun playing with his new friend, Abigail, who's almost one and playing with the Taylor's dog, Baxter.

Braden was having a great time . . .

. . . and then we got mean . . .

In our defense, he was SO STINKING CUTE.

He didn't mind the wigs or the glasses independently of each other. In fact, I think he felt pretty cool in the shades.
But he REALLY hated wearing the glasses and a wig at the same time; it was too much to bear.

This is his glamour shot. Hehehe.

The poor little guy was so mad.

Even now I can't help but laugh looking at these pictures. Abigail would not have anything to do with the wigs and Baxter resigned himself to allowing us to put the afro on him.
We made it up to Braden by going out to the garage to look at Russ's car. Braden is crazy about cars. He kept walking around in the car, checking it out, and touching things that interested him like reflectors and lights.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday!

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